Shipping Packages

We ship packages in all sorts of sizes, domestic and abroad.

Our package service will arrive at your doorstep, or any other address desired, to pick up your package. As soon as possible, or on the day that suits you best.  You can submit your pick up orders fast and easily through our client management system. You print the address ticket yourself and your package is ready to be sent.

After we have collected your package, you can follow your shipment every step of the way with Track & Trace. You can see where the package currently is and if it has arrived at your clients' location. The only thing you need is the package number.

We deliver in the whole of Europe, also in the Eastern European countries and Baltic States. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and a large part of Germany the package is delivered the next day.

Next to our standard packages, we also offer Guarantee packages for maximum security. You pay us per sent package and we offer beneficial discount percentages for larger volumes.

Whether you send big amounts of packages on a daily basis or just a few orders a week:  we have a custom solution for you.