A package is ready to be sent when the following shipping instructions are followed and the packaging conditions are met. If the sender does not take notice of these shipping instructions and packaging conditions the running times cannot be guaranteed. Above all the liability of Packs & Pallets BV is lost in these cases for transport damage and/or loss.

Package and goods in general

  • Maximum allowed weight per package is 31KG
  • Maximum allowed length of a package is 175cm
  • Maximum scale of a package is 300cm ((1x in length, 2x in height and 2x in width)
  • The package should be fully packed
  • The package should be shock absorbing
  • A package should sustain a diagonal drop test form a height of 80cm
  • The external packaging should be suitable for the inside content
  • Adhesive tape, meant to close the external packaging, should be applied in a way that the contents can't fall out or be stolen.
  • Fluids in their package should not be able to leak caused by influences from outside
  • Bottles and glass or pottery can only be transported when a approved PTZ inside packaging is used
  • Goods should be packaged in a way that gives protection to normal transport dangers


 Bundled  packages

  • The packaging which bundles the packages should not be able to break
  • The packages should form 1 complete package
  • Goods may not move from each other
  • Car tires can be bundled per 2
  • Loss caused by loosening of the bundled packages is at the senders' risk.

Shipment label / freight ticket

  • Every package should be equipped with a Shipment label / freight ticket
  • The Shipment label / freight ticket must be well readable and should be applied without wrinkles on the largest side of the package

Special goods

Buckets, cans and bottles should be sent in a approved PTZ Packaging (polysterol/piepschuim)

Excluded from transporting

  • Unpackaged goods
  • Dangerous goods (ADR goods)
  • Packages with a content that can be dangerous to other goods / people
  • Perishable goods
  • Goods with a high value, like gold, jewellery and/or coins

Report non visible damage

Non visible damage should be reported within 5 working days


For the extended conditions we direct you to the overall terms of delivery and conditions of payment which apply to system bound package transport. For all packages outside the standard measurements and/ or pallet shipments the AVC and CMR conditions apply. For all conditions the last registered version applies.